About the Director

I am Rosangela Valerio-Dyszkant, the founder and director of Little Dreamers Early Childhood Center. I began this journey 30 years ago when I decided to take classes through UCLA and pursue a career in Child Development. Since then, my passion for working with young children and their families and my dream of opening a quality Child Care Center have come true. I can proudly say that this is one of my life’s greatest accomplishments. I have three wonderful adult children, all of whom have spent time here at the school. I am an active member of NAEYC, CAEYC, and PACE. I attend seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, and anything that allows me to expand my knowledge in the field, without losing my focus on how important it is for children to have FUN in a nurturing and safe place. I was born a while back in Spain to a Spanish mother and an Italian father. I spent most of my childhood living in different countries which allowed me the opportunity to learn multiple languages, experience interesting cultures, and meet amazing people. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, photography, traveling, cooking, dancing, the ocean, and anything I can be creative with. “I used to have a number of theories on raising children… Now, I have a number of children and no theories.” Enjoy the ride…  It’s worth definitely worth it!

With Love and Gratitude,

Rosangela Valerio-Dyszkant


Our staff members are trained professionals in Early Childhood Education. Each teacher possesses a Bachelors degree, Associates degree and/or is certified by the State as an Early Childhood Educator. Our staff is carefully selected not only for their knowledge, experience, and educational background, but also for their nurturing personalities, commitment to families, integrity, and dedication.

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