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Thank You for Your Interest in Little Dreamers!

We know that choosing a Preschool and Child Care Center for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, because you are actually choosing a partner in the growth and development of your child and your family.

Effective communication between parents and staff helps build mutual understanding and guidance, and provides greater consistency for the children. It is our goal to provide an environment conducive to optimal growth and development of the child as an individual, as a part of a family and ultimately as a member of society.

Little Dreamers’ philosophy is based on Piaget’s theory that children learn by doing, as well as Erikson’s framework of socio-emotional development. Through active involvement with their environment, children add pieces of information to what they already know, thereby generating new understandings of the world around them. By providing an enriched, stimulating environment filled with child-initiated, child-directed learning experiences we offer children the opportunity to learn and grow in skills necessary to becoming autonomous, productive individuals.

Because independence is an outgrowth of trust, we maintain small classes and low child-teacher ratios. In this environment children feel safe and are encouraged to explore not only materials but also their relationships with peers and adults.

This web site offers a wealth of information about our center’s philosophy and programs, as well as students, staff, and activities. We’d love to opportunity to show you around in person.

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