Does my child have to wear a mask?   No.

Does the staff wear masks?  Yes.

Are the parents allowed inside the school?  No. At this time, only the children enrolled and the staff is permitted inside the building.

How many children in each group?  Youngers -5 to 6 children to 1 teacher ratio, we currently have 3 teachers in the Youngers group.  Olders – 6 to 8 children to 1 teacher ratio, we currently have 4 teachers in the Olders group.

Do the children have the same teachers all day? Yes.

Do the children stay with the same group of children all day? Yes.

What are your program options?  Currently the options are five days a week (Monday through Friday), three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday).  Our hours are Morning Only (9AM to 12:00PM) or Full Day (9:00AM to 3:30PM).

Do you offer extended hours?  We currently do not offer extended hours and we hope to be able to  offer some kind of extended hours in September and/or upon revision of protocols and procedures.

Is lunch provided?  Yes, lunch is provided to children enrolled in the Full Day program.

Is snack provided?  Yes, snack is provided in the morning to the children enrolled in the Morning and Full Day program. An additional Snack is also provided in the afternoon to the children enrolled in the Full Day program.

What happens to the clothes that get soiled/wet at school?  Little Dreamers will be laundering everything in house and we will automatically place them in your child’s individual clothing bin at school.

Is the staff screened for COVID-19 symptoms?  Yes, the staff has their temperature and symptom checks before reporting to work daily using CDC guidelines.

Will we receive any updates, or communications as to what our child does at school?  Yes. We will be providing weekly updates with pictures and a recap of the activities that took place in the different groups.  We will also inform you of any COVID-19 related information required by the CDC guidelines. This will go out through our emailing system: ‘Constant Contact’.

Is Little Dreamers conducting any tours at this time for future enrollment?  All tours are scheduled after hours one family at a time.  The family members coming, must wear a mask and will be escorted through the exterior/perimeter of the facility. No one will be allowed inside the school. We are fortunate to have windows into our classrooms for families to see the program.

What happens if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, ideas, etc…?  Please email anything and everything directly to rosangela@littledreamers.com and/or you can call the school at 805-379-3798.

Together We Can Do This… Let’s Spread LOVE and KINDNESS

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