Little Dreamers program philosophy is based on Piaget’s theory that children learn by doing, as well as Erikson’s framework of socio-emotional development. Through active involvement with their environment, children add pieces of information to what they already know, thereby generating new understandings of the world around them. By providing an enriched, stimulating environment filled with child-initiated and child-directed learning experiences. We offer children the opportunity to learn and grow in skills necessary to becoming autonomous, productive individuals.

Children learn best through a concrete, play-oriented approach to education. For a young child, learning something new is often the result of interaction between their thoughts and experiences, and the surrounding environment. The value of play cannot be overstated. It is through play that children develop curiosity and imagination, learn to concentrate and make confident decisions.
We strive to provide the highest quality program possible for young children and their families. The giving of careful attention to details by every member of the staff, means that your child’s well being is exceptionally looked after.

We welcome you to our program and hope that as a LITTLE DREAMERS family, you will enjoy your experience with us, and remember it fondly for many, many years.

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