STEAM Summer Camp

Our summer program is designed to follow the STEAM approach. This acronym stands for Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. We plan our activities around this approach to give the children a stimulating and open-ended experience.

S- Science in preschool is about facilitating curiosity and finding the resources for further exploration. We explore movement and we explore nature by using scientific language and asking open ended questions. Some common materials used for science are magnifying glasses, plants, animals, weather and recycling.

T- Technology includes more than just computers and mobile devices. Some common materials include lights, household appliances, pencil sharpeners and cameras.

E- Engineering is reinventing what is already present in a way that solves real problems. We allow children to build, innovate, change and mold objects or materials in the classroom.  some common materials used for engineering are tape, string, blocks and wheels.

A -  Art is all about the creative expression of science and math. Some common materials used in this area are colors, drawing tools, and glue and musical instruments.

M- Math is the universal language of STEAM and a critical aspect of high quality early education program. By ‘Mathematizing’ real life situations, children improve their language, numeracy and also their critical thinking skills. Some common materials used for math are patterns, thermometers, measuring tools, and shapes.

"Playing with mud and putting water into the river we make. I pump it to make the river. We have to try and figure it out if we can make it go. I feel happy at school."

Bernardo- 4 yrs old

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