"Little Dreamers, to me, is a magical place.  I have been connected in one way or another to it since its conception.  I have worked here as a teacher, and as the director. I have been a parent of a student twice over now.  My youngest is about to age out and I know, that more than anything, I will miss the magic.  The magic of a young child’s first experience with finger paint, the look on their face when they finally make the giant bubble wand work after trying and trying, the determination of one future architect to build a block tower that is taller than he is…  Even when my children and I are no longer here on a regular basis, those things will continue to happen at Little Dreamers and many, many more children will experience that magic, because magic is in Little Dreamers foundation, in its soul, if you will.  If Little Dreamers feels like the right place for your child, there will be good days and bad days, there are for all of us, but if you let the magic happen here, it will!"
Margo T.

Ms. Bea, I like Little Dreamers. I like being the kid, so I can play. When I be the kid, I like going on the trapeze.

Hattie- 5 yrs old

The monkey bars, the playhouse, the messy materials and both of the patios. It’s all my favorite!
Jane- 5 yrs old

"Little Dreamers is a Haven for Little Children. When I looked at preschools for my son I knew I found the right place for him when we visited Little Dreamers. It was during his time here he fell in love with school, now he is in second grade and my little girl is at Little Dreamers enjoying the experience too. It's so nice to be back.

Little Dreamers is a vibrant, bright, happy place where there are so many varied opportunities for play. Such a variety of activities for them to explore, a great facility with an exceptional playground. So many areas of interest out there: the climbing apparatus, swings, plantings, quiet book reading area, art area, bike and scooter track, the sensory water tables which always have something new to explore in them and there is so much welcome shade out there so everyone is comfortable. The indoor gym is another great area and the library is so much fun for the children to visit and read books and of course borrow puzzles, puppets and books. I could go on and on about the facility itself. However the most special thing about Little Dreamers is the warm vibe. There is an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding of the children for who they are and positive energy abounds. The children are treated kindly, respectfully and are celebrated and they are redirected really well when needed. There is a real sense of belonging for the children as there are pictures of the them with their classmates and teacher in the entrance halls. I love this. My daughter was telling me a story about one of her friends and she couldn't remember his name, on our way out she found his picture on the wall and said with a big smile "There he is, there's my friend" and we learned his name together. The loving and caring staff at Little Dreamers are what makes it such a special, safe, happy place for the children to explore, develop and interact with each other."
Miranda E.

I like playing at Little Dreamers on the tire swing. I like going fast.
Ella - 5 yrs old

Making pictures on paper at our school. I like playing in the block cuz there’s a lots of things to do there. I love making rivers in the sand with some water. Do not let the river dry!
Cole C.- 4 yrs old

"Little Dreamers is our child’s home away from home. This is our second child in the preschool/daycare program and we could not be happier. We needed a loving, safe, nurturing environment for both daycare and preschool needs. From the moment we first toured Little Dreamers, we felt a cozy peacefulness that is still present today when we drop off and pick up our son. The faculty is amazing, all the teachers are incredibly caring and work so well together. Our now three year old started Little Dreamers when he was two. He really thrived in his first year. His language and social skills increased tremendously. Little Dreamers focuses on play, play and more play at the same time encouraging, coaching and subtly teaching various developmental skills. We are so glad we found Little Dreamers."
Mike and Teri K.

I was playing with bikes with Hattie and then we were making potion in messy materials.
August- 5 yrs old

I like the writing center. Because I like it when I make and create things. I learned how to write “love”.
Aubree- 4 yrs old

"As first time parents, we struggled with the overwhelming task of finding the right preschool for our twins. After months of searching and following advice from other parents in our area, we finally found Little Dreamers. We appreciated that the school was tucked away in a quiet corner, away from busy streets and freeways, but most of all it was the comforting "at-home" feel that won us over. We were anxious and nervous about the significant transition for our kids, but every member of the Little Dreamer's staff helped us along the way. Every teacher and staff member clearly loves her job and this is evident in the kind, compassionate and warm manner they treat our children. Our children are safe, protected and nurtured in a gentle constructive environment and we feel confident leaving our children in their care.

Two years have passed now since we've been at this amazing school and we can say with certainty that we've never once regretted our decision. During those two years we've seen our twins grow, change and learn in immeasurable ways. Our children have become more confident, independent, and socially aware. Every day our children are stimulated, motivated and introduced to new and educationally conducive lessons, art projects and social settings.

Sadly, we are in our last year at Little Dreamers, but we can say with conviction our children will be well prepared socially, emotionally and academically for their next transition into Kindergarten. With sincerity and fondness we would truly recommend this extraordinary school to any family. We know that in the years to come Little Dreamers will always hold a special place in our and our children’s hearts. Thank you!"
Karie M.

I like digging and I like finding treasure.
Deven- 5 yrs old

I check out puzzles with my family when they pick me up. The puzzles in our library. We read books with Dave (parent volunteer).
Tyler- 4 yrs old

"We chose Little Dreamers specifically because of the “learn through play” philosophy. But it wasn’t until my oldest daughter was in the 4 year-old program where we really began to see evidence of the strong social and emotional foundation that was being built for kindergarten and beyond. From the daily interaction with classmates to the creativity and exploration of art projects and centers to reading with teachers, the program at Little Dreamers has been wonderfully stimulating for both of my girls."

"And one thing I didn't mention because  it isn't specific to just the 4 yr program but to me is almost the most important part - it's so reassuring to me to know I'm leaving my kids (or rather kid now!) somewhere she wants to be, to do things she likes to do, with caring teachers, in a safe and organized environment. As a working mother, this is mandatory - and the primary reason we came back after trying out the Y. :)"

I love the name cards. We have jobs in our class and I like to pick my job.
Austin- 5 yrs old

Hot lunch Fridays! I like the chicken nuggets, taquitos and pizza. I feel good eating at school.
London- 4 yrs old

"My family first joined the Little Dreamers family when my twin girls were 2. I was a working mom with an older child and Little Dreamers was a blessing for my girls and for my whole family. My twins fell in love with their teachers and the enriching activities that are provided every day. I was grateful for the support I was given as a mom by all of the staff at Little Dreamers. I have watched my girls grow socially and academically during their 3 years here. The girls have attended full time since the day they started. It has been comforting as a mom to know that my girls truly enjoy their school and are loved by every teacher they come in contact with daily. Each of the girls are very different in personality and learning style but the teachers at Little Dreamers have been able to accommodate both girls and have helped me to understand how to manage their behaviors. Little Dreamers has been an amazing experience for not only our twins but for our family. I wish we had known about Little Dreamers when my oldest daughter was in preschool. I strongly believe that the twins will be well prepared academically and socially to enter Kindergarten next year and that their self esteem has been strongly supported by the philosophy of Little Dreamers."
Samantha T. Psy.D.
Engage Psychological Services

I love about Nikhil and I like playing games with him. I love the kitchen because there’s remote controls. I feel good at school.
Ellis- 5 yrs old

"Our daughter has attended Little Dreamers for a year and a half, and we can't speak highly enough about this preschool. The staff is knowledgeable about child development and extremely nurturing. There's a warmth that exudes from the staff and teachers here, which gives me confidence that my daughter is well taken care of when I can't be with her. Our daughter's social and emotional development has grown tremendously because children are encouraged to use manners, learn how to resolve conflicts, and choose to participate in the activities that interest them the most. The other parents we've met are very down to earth, and our family has made some good friends here. We LOVE Little Dreamers and are thrilled to have found this little gem."
Carmen and Marco

Playing in the patio. I like playing with people and cars. And I love my classroom! I love our block area with blocks and eggs.

"All four of my children have experienced the adventures of preschool through Little Dreamers. My children have felt content and comfortable in this environment. It is a terrific facility with excellent staff."
Kelly M.

Playing with mud and putting water into the river we make. I pump it to make the river. We have to try and figure it out if we can make it go. I feel happy at school.
Bernardo- 4yrs old

"My son Cooper spent two glorious, fun years at Little Dreamers. When he and a classmate talked about building things, their teacher, Ms. Beatriz empowered them with wood and tools. Those two boys built an amazing sculpture that the entire class decorated. Cooper was encouraged and inspired by the entire staff on a daily basis.

Cooper transitioned seamlessly into Kindergarten at a public school. His Kindergarten teacher was amazed at how friendly, encouraging, and empathetic he was towards his classmates. These are all qualities that he learned at Little Dreamers. I am profoundly grateful to have had both of my children experience the joyful, inspiring, incredibly kind learning environment that is Little Dreamers."
Mindy J.

I like playing on monkey bars and tire swing. My other school didn’t have a big gym or a big yard like this. I feel good at this school.
Avery- 4yrs old

"As a family with working parents, our goal was to give our children a carefree, safe and fun environment where they could experience their childhood as it was truly meant to be. Little Dreamers is a wonderful place, where bare feet and messy hands are as important as ABCs and 123s. The teachers focus on so many important things - individualized attention, developing problem solving & social skills, and genuine compassion for each child. Children are encouraged to be themselves, and each is offered patience & guidance as they learn through example how to best develop into little people. We have watched our girls flourish while at Little Dreamers; they were prepared academically for school and (more importantly) socially for the big vast world beyond."

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